What to Wear

I can’t stress enough how important wardrobe is.  It can make a world of difference in your photos.  The best advice I can give for this is think COLOR and LAYERS!  Good, solid bright or strong colors. I ’m not a fan of whites or pastel colors for pictures, these colors make for little contrast.  Try your best to avoid dull colors or solid white – it will drain all the life from the picture!  Layers are great because they add texture and interest.

{newborns} For newborns, the best advice I can give is keep it simple.  They don’t look good in grown up clothes, so skip the tuxedo and the jeans.  Toss the socks and the shoes; an infant looks angelic in a simple onesie, an adorable knitted outfit from grandma, or a cute hat.  Show off those adorable tiny toes and those chunky little legs.  Bring your little one’s favorite blanket or their favorite teddy bear; it’s nice to incorporate meaningful objects in a baby’s photo.  Pastel colors for newborns are an exception, I find they work well for little ones.

{children} Does your little girl love her red Dorothy sparkly shoes, or her purple tutu, what about those cowboy boots your little boy wants to wear with every outfit…..These are the kind of things I love to capture, so bring those items along.  These items will help your child feel comfortable and show off their personality.  Remember that kids look great in bright color clothes.

{families} I like to say pick one or two solid base colors that everyone will wear and then add to that.  For example say green was the base color, everyone would wear something in green.  Green could be in the form of a scarf, hat, bracelet, shirt, anything that has the base color.  Then mix and match different colors!  As long as everyone is tied in with the base color, it looks amazing!  Sometimes matching too much can look cheesy, so try to keep each person a little unique but staying within the color scheme.

*Accessories are my favorite accent to a photograph. Hats, scarves, fun necklaces, funky boots, tights, etc really bring life to a photograph.

*Very Important!!  Bring Chapstick!  Chapped lips are really hard to retouch.

*My suggestions above are simply what I prefer, however, my opinions are also based on experience.  In the end it’s up to you, whatever you feel most comfortable in and whatever best represents your family is the key.